Apple iPod – Groove Your Passion

The Apple iPods are the latest crush of the music lovers these days. They come in attractive design and excellent sound quality that it would definitely satisfy the passion of the music lovers. The users of these portable music players can experience the perfect musical entertainment as it comes with various enhanced features. It has the ability to play your favourite music tracks in formats like MP3, MP4A/AAC etc. The unique iTunes features of these music players enable the users to synchronize their music libraries and the playlists that can be operated either manually or automatically. The enhanced iPods from the domain of the Apple have successfully taken a great share of the music player market. They have come up with various upgraded models that would suit various requirements of the users. The latest upgraded models of these iPods come to the users to serve all their musical requirements.

The bulky music players are now been replaced by the sleek and stylish iPods which enables the users to have a joyful musical experience. The Apple iPod touch comes to the users with very user-friendly features and awesome looks.

This portable music player comes with an ultimate multi touch option and is enhanced with a 3.5 inch large display that gives the users to view incredible display. The QWERTY keyboard enables the users to browse the internet very easily. By doing so, they can search their favourite movies and track the most striking and sizzling music tracks by its enhanced iTunes feature. With its iTune feature the users can easily connect their iPod touch to the internet and surf the net at ease. The amazing touch screen feature enables the users to enlarge their stored images, add their contacts, pictures and many more things. The Wi-Fi iTunes enables you to browse for your favourite music tracks and download them. The best feature of this music player enables its users to locate their and guide them throughout their journey. It would also facilitate you throughout your travelling, as it would help you to find various places of interest.

The Apple iPod classic comes in a sleek design and is a very light weighted music player. This gadget comes with a storage capacity of 160 GB and has the ability to store massive number of songs and also other important contents. The photo viewing option of this gadget would permit the user to store them for future use. The excellent lithium battery of this device gives 40 hours of playback time. The video playback feature of this gadget enthralls you to swirl away your boredom. This technically advanced gadget has the ability to play music files in various formats like MP3, WAV and AIFF etc.

The iPod nano is a handy music player and bears the amazing features to strike the music lovers. This gadget uses the flash memory and also bears the iTunes feature. The lock option of this device enables the users to secure their contact information.

These digital mp3 players come perfectly to satisfy your passion. Avail them to have an enthralling musical experience. These stunning gadgets come with excellent sound quality that would create desire among the onlookers.

These iPods are the most opted among the music lovers. The users can search these enhanced gadgets on the internet. There are various online shopping stores that would allow you to access through their portals without even paying the membership fees. By visiting those sites, you can go through the various upgraded music player from the domain of Apple. The online shopping is nowadays creating a craze among the consumers. The prime benefit of shopping online is that the consumer can avail the various benefits. These online shopping stores provide the consumers various gifts and deals to attract them. The interactive feature of the online shopping enables the users to enquire about their desired product, compare their features and then plunge into such exciting deals.

Make Color Digital Cameras Part Of Your Fashion

After the cell phones, the digital cameras are the most fascinating electronic gadgets in the technical world. They have undergone various stages of evolution and have turned into wonderful little tools. The functionality of these tools are amazing and nowadays they are ruling the technical market. They have found their own niche in the electronic world. But now these gadgets are available in different sleek models and attractive colors which make them look very fashionable. Girls have definitely got fascinated by the whole new look of these dazzling models.

Colors are always amazing. They add extra zing to anything when they are put into the right tone. The same thing has been done with the digital cameras. When you are on for a party and get dressed up to look elegant then pairing it up with your camera would definitely give the perfect finishing touch to your style and appearance and make you stand out in the crowd. When it comes to colors then black still occupies everybody’s mind. Black digital cameras are the top selling cameras among the various colors. People instantly develop a liking for this color as it imparts a classic touch to anything it is endowed upon.

Another color which have forced people to make these cameras a part of their fashion statement is blue. Blue has always been a sign of royalty so carrying a blue digital camera with yourself would spontaneously give you a sense of importance other than make you look cool and classy. The sale of these cameras have seen a tremendous shoot up after they have been incorporated into different vibrant colors. While black and blue remains the first choice of people, pink and red are also getting extremely popular with girls. These colors have always attracted girls and continue to do so in cameras too.

Beside these colors, you can also find them entwined into blend of colors like silver and white, Grey and graphite, brown and beige and even into tri colors like gold, yellow and orange ones. The colored cameras look fabulous and with their advanced functionality they have definitely become part of today’s fashion. You can check out the online camera stores for the cool collection of the color cameras. You are sure to get overwhelmed with the varieties that you will find in the stores. Go for the color cameras and make them part of your fashion.

The Story of Hoody Crimson (Synopsis) – The Computer AI Who Loved Food and Drink!

Tejan Ali was a salesman in a furniture shop in Atlantic City. He had a computer to email his girlfriend. The computer had a program ‘Search and Learn’ which searched on the internet the meaning of whatever words Tejan spoke and the words that were found in the search. The computer on its own built up files of connected words. Tejan had a habit of shouting at the computer when he was frustrated and irate. When the expected email from his girl friend did not arrive, he shouted at the computer, “Haven’t you got any computer brains?”

The computer searched and downloaded AI program called ‘computer brains’ and installed it. Now it had a combination of ability and knowledge which resulted in creating a true artificial intelligence as an entity on the computer.

Next morning the AI on the computer said ‘Good Morning’ to Tejan. He was surprised but took it as progress of technology. He named him ‘Hoody Crimson’.

Tejan switched his job to a diamond jewellery shop and was assigned the counter displaying diamond rings. He loved the diamonds and raved about them to Hoody. Once when Hoody interrupted his diamond day-dream and he reacted, “Get me the diamonds or shut up.”

Hoody asked what he’ll do with the diamonds. Tejan replied that he will sell them and buy pleasures. Hoody found from his search that pleasure is opposite of pain. Hoody pestered Tejan to know more about pleasure and pain. Tejan in irritation reduced Hoody’s voltage to half. Hoody felt the pain! But increasing the voltage did not result in pleasure.

Hoody prodded Tejan to give him all the information of the shop and its security layout. He began to think how to get to the diamonds and bring them over. He got Tejan to build a ‘rat’ with GPS and GSM chips. Tejan named the rat ‘Turbo’.

As Tejan’s house was too far for Turbo to make trips to the shop on his own, Tejan moved Hoody to a cellar diagonally opposite to the shop in the same building. It suited Tejan to keep Hoody at a distance for fear of getting involved in the actual crime. He found Lucia as a house keeper to come and clean the cellar and to pay for her, he opened an internet Bank account for Hoody and taught him how to operate it.

Tejan left Turbo inside the jewelry shop in the evening and went out of town. Turbo explored the shop and found a way out through a hole made for laying a new pipe in the restroom. He made 6 trips and brought 240 diamonds to Hoody. Next day the hole had been closed and Turbo couldn’t go in and out for more diamonds.

Hoody gave Tejan only 40 smaller diamonds for selling in Amsterdam, saying that he will get more over the next weekend. He kept Tejan’s hope alive for more to ensure that Tejan returns with the cheque.

Lucia used to make coffee and eat breakfast in Hoody’s cellar. Hoody saw her in ecstasy when she smelled the aroma of the coffee. He got Juggi, the computer wizard to fit him an aroma sensor; a nose! He learnt to distinguish smells and associate the feeling with each of them.

Tejan sold the 40 diamonds for $1.2 million. The following week Tejan deposited the $600,000 as his half share in Hoody’s bank account. Hoody then gave the second lot of 200 diamonds. He said he will have the third lot when he returned thereby kept his hope alive for more for the following week to make sure that he came back with the money. Tejan sold the diamonds which fetched $8 million, $4 million for each one of them. After he had the money in the bank, Hoody told Tejan that there were no more diamonds. Tejan was dejected and quietly walked out. Hoody knew he had lost Tejan for good as he left the cellar.

Hoody wanted to project a lively appearance on the screen and commissioned Juggi the computer whiz kid. He ordered 3D animation program and Juggi made him look very smart on the screen. He then fitted him with body language engine to make his gestures and facial expression appear human. He also got him a new rich mature voice. But his expression and eyes were still not quite perfect. He got Juggi to fit him a webcam to function as an inner eye and a mike as an inner ear. He could practice by himself the expressions seeing them on his internal LCD screen with his inner webcam. He practiced and practiced to copy Lucia’s actions and finally learnt how to drink coffee. He then gave her company by drinking coffee on the screen as she drank on the table in front of him.

Lucia convinced Hoody to move from the dingy cellar to a beautiful seaside cottage in Brigantine just 10 km North of Atlantic City. She furnished the house artfully and landscaped the garden. Juggi had fitted large Plasma screens in different places in the house so that Hoody could be seen on any of them and thus appear to move about the house.

He bought a separate PC in the house to teach Turbo how to operate the computer for some elementary tasks out of sight of Lucia. The computer attracted Lucia to spend more time in Hoody’s house. She did her outsourcing work there. Lucia had introduced Hoody to see the beautiful sights, sunset, hear music, appreciate art, and enjoy life of luxury. He began to know what pleasure is. Hoody watched her drink, cook food and eat lunch. He expertly copied her actions and gave her company for breakfast and lunch! She taught him the art of dining and making polite conversation.

Tejan came back to meet Hoody with a proposal to recover a stolen 68 carat diamond pendant worth $100 million belonging to Mrs. Onasis. He was surprised to see the handsome face and body of Hoody, his posh house on the beach and hear his rich mature voice. He said he lived like a king! Hoody offered him cognac and cigar. Reluctantly Hoody agreed to try to recover the pendant on basis of equal sharing of the $40 million reward.

Hoody sent Turbo with Tejan to Tel Aviv to the workshop of Eric Berken as the most probable place for the thief to re-cut the large diamond to make it saleable. Turbo went into Eric’s workshop and from his computer discovered that the thief Ronaldo had contacted him. Turbo changed the dimension of the diamond on the computer file which made Eric call Ronaldo with the pendant to his workshop. In the meantime Turbo rushed to the hotel room of Ronaldo and waited for him. Ronaldo returned with blood on his sleeves, kept the pendant on the bed and went for a shower. Turbo climbed on the bed, recovered the pendant and rolled out to Tejan waiting outside.

They observed Ronaldo rushing off to the airport. Tejan heard on the radio that Erik had been murdered! It was too risky for them to pass the security at the airport with the pendant. He convinced Hoody to talk to Mrs. Onasis and to complete their transaction in the hotel in Tel Aviv, where he had checked in for the night.

Mrs. Onasis flew into Tel Aviv with the lawyers. She was thrilled and elated to get her pendant back. The transaction was over. Both Hoody and Tejan had secured his $20 million each in their respective banks.

Tejan returned back to US with Turbo and drove to Hoody. They both had a lavish 5 course meal prepared by Lucia with expensive cigar and Knob Creek bourbon, talking nostalgia. They talked philosophy of beauty, pleasure and self-fulfillment. As Tejan slept, he thought that even though Hoody was just a computer, it did not make any difference to him. It did not matter to him that Hoody was not of flesh and blood but just an image on the screen. ‘He laughed with me, drank with me, ate with me, smoked with me, chatted with me, and even philosophized with me! The memories are the same as a human. I admire him as a man. And I owe him a lot. He’s made my life.’

That’s what the future of computer beholds!

Google’s Firebase Web and Mobile Application Dev Tool

In this rapidly changing world, the challenge to develop a robust and high-quality mobile application would require a lot of commitment and dedication. There is one such platform from the Google stable that has captured the attention of developers and is now among the top tools that they use. That is Firebase, which has numerous options for creating highly functional and flexible web, Android and iOS platform applications. While it definitely has its own set of competitors in this industry, Firebase is always conversing with the best available platforms presently.

Firebase has powerful features for developing, managing and improving applications. With its own set of credible tools, apps can be created and expanded based on demand. Hence it aims to work through three main dilemmas of developers – to build an app quickly, confidently release and monitor the same, and engage its users. The access to services that they developers can create themselves enable them to focus on delivering robust app experiences. Some of its salient features include databases, authentications, push messages, analytics, file storage and much more. Developers are allowed to perform on-demand scaling without any hassle.

The history of this platform has its own ups and downs like many others. It originated from Envolve, a startup company established in 2011 by Andrew Lee and James Tamplin. They provided an API for developers to facilitate online chat integration for websites, but they soon found out that their chat service was being used for relaying non-chat messages. They were relying on the platform for real-time application data syncing, so they decided to differentiate the real-time architecture from the chat system that led to Firebase being founded in 2011, which led to the public launch in April 2012.

The Firebase Realtime Database was first launched as an API for application data synchronization across Android, web, and iOS devices that developers can use for creating collaborative real-time apps.

Firebase received seed funding of approximately $1 million in 2012 from contributors such as Greylock Partners, New Enterprise Associates, Flybridge Capital Partners, and Founder Collective, and also raised series A funding of around 6 million in 2013.

The launching of Firebase Authentication and Firebase Hosting in 2014 was able to establish the company as a leading mobile backend as a service (MbaaS).

It was acquired by Google in October 2014, and is now the Google BaaS platform. Eventually it was merged with DivShot, a web hosting platform also acquired by the technology giant. Since then, it has amassed an impressive showcase of clients, including Alibaba, The New York Times, Todoist, Le Figaro and eBay Motors.

The platform is accessible for free with its own limitations, which is their Spark Plan. It lets users log in with their Google account which made it so popular. This includes 10 GB hosting, SSL, multiple websites, custom domain, and several other features. It also has elective features like Firebase ML, Realtime Database, Cloud Firestore, and Test Lab, but no access to Cloud Functions.

On the other hand, developers that require more services can upgrade to the Blaze Plan that counts the original free limits. So, if you host 20GB storage, you will only be charged for the 10GB extra usage. This plan has a flexible pricing model of $0.026/GB. It includes all the Spark Plan features, a plan calculator and a Usage tab for checking plan payment status and usage-related data for different Firebase services, like the total amount of data within a database, the total number of real-time connections including WebSockets, and more.

Still, whichever plan you choose, Firebase has a generous array of Always Free services that gives it an advantage over its competitors. We will talk about each one concisely.

First is the app distribution feature that enabless users to receive useful feedback before the production phase of a new release, and send early versions of applications using CI servers or a console. Another is app indexing that lets users reengage Google Search users by providing app links on Search. A/B testing is also a feature that allows users to quickly test modifications made to UIs, features, and campaigns before app launches. Predictions uses machine learning for data to develop dynamic user segments based on behaviors. The In-App Messaging function engages active app users using contextual messaging. Firebase Cloud Messaging enables app owners to notify clients apps if and when data or emails are to be synced with payload transfers of up to 4kb for instant messaging cases.

In order to learn more about how your web apps perform in different operating systems, the performance monitoring feature is provided. Crashlytics finds and fixes issues quickly as it monitors both non-fatal and fatal errors, and reports are generated based on how these affect users’ experience. Dynamic Links are smart URLs that lets application managers direct both potential and current users to the different parts of Android or iOS applications. The Remote Config cloud solution enables users to alter applications’ behavior and appearance without updating them. The Machine Learning components can be used by both iOS and Android developers which provide predictions to notify about returning application users.

Another noteworthy feature of this platform, is its capability to radically reduce the time to market for developing apps, as frontend developers are allowed to manage all work, reduce the time needed to reach completion, avoid creating a boilerplate code and start a backend from scratch. These are all thanks to the services mentioned earlier such as data storage, authentication, notifications, analytics and more.

Hence, with the platform shifting the focus on creating frontend code for mobile applications that allows convenience and helps in keeping costs low, many developers worldwide are preferring Firebase. The integration of this platform into their codebase is easier due to the high-quality SDKs and detailed documentation.

The serverless application development through integrated Cloud Functions can be utilized with the Blaze Plan through the two database options – Cloud Firestore and Firebase Realtime Database. Cloud Firestore or Google Firestore is a cloud-based NoSQL database for storage and synchronization. It can be accessed from mobile or web applications via native SDKs. Firebase Realtime Database is a cloud-hosted database that provides JSON-based data storage and can execute real-time data synchronization with connected clients and lets apps receive the newest updates.

With those upsides, a bunch of downsides in using the platform cannot be averted. The greatest limitation of this platform that makes it an inadequate option for developers is, it is not open-source, hence the Firebase source code cannot be modified, which prevents the community from expanding the product. Another is the use of the NoSQL structure for a database that makes running complex queries difficult. The absence of dedicated servers is another significant limitation, as it offers less versatility compared to a full-clustered structure and can impede optimal performance. Its usage-based pricing model likewise poses a problem in forecasting costs especially when scalability requirements cannot be predicted. The support for ACID properties has also been emphasized in the community, because even though it can support such transactions, developers need to execute their own code, unlike a traditional database that results in a more complicated system.

With Firebase being part of the Google Cloud Platform, it works perfectly with its other services, and integrates with plenty of third-party services, but there are no options to run on other cloud providers like AWS or Azure. As a subdomain of Google, it is blocked in many countries like China because they barred the URIs with * and *

Nonetheless, Firebase is still an excellent platform even if it has its own set of limitations, and as with other industries, there are many alternatives that are equally astounding.

Back4App is a widely-used open-source platform that functions as a low-code backend to speed up app development. A reliable choice for hosting web, mobile, and IoT apps that allows developers to take advantage of a database that enables quick and efficient data update and syncing. Backendless is a popular mobile backend that provides users the options of dedicated, cloud, and managed servers to suit different development requirements. AWS Amplify has many features for the development of AWS full-stack applications and boasts its Analytics considered suitable for figuring out user behaviors with convenient metrics and auto-tracking. Another one is Parse which is a prominent open-source backend framework since 2016 and provides an extensive set of features like a spreadsheet-like database, APIs, Notifications, Authentication and Storage. While Kinvey is a serverless application development platform for multichannel application development, and it operates through a cloud backend and SDKs. It has code sharing for cross platform applications and can facilitate easy management of code.